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Who We Are

Our Mission - "To Create A Better Future"

To be the World's Leading Authority and Centre of Excellence on Pioneering Leadership, providing a definitive and useful framework, "The Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters Framework" and information, knowledge, advice, training, consultancy, seminars and keynote speakers on Pioneering Leadership delivering messages that are Powerful+ Clear + Simple + Effective that makes the Biggest Difference and gives the greatest opportunity to achieve the outcomes you desire: Better Lives, Better Careers, Better Businesses and Organisations and a Better World. Our overall mission is to Create a Better Future for you, others and the wider world.

Our Values - "Wisdom, Love and Imagination"

Our values come our founder, bestselling author, speaker and pioneering leadership expert, Jonathan Blain, who is an extreme game changer and a servant for humanity driven by humility, and are reflected in every aspect of our organisation. Our raison d'être is to be the best in our field and make as big a difference to you, others and the wider world as possible. We are driven by a desire to be of service and are determined to be a force for good in the world and are guided by the three tenets of the new enlightenment, which were revealed in our founder’s book “Feel Good Change the World”, which has been endorsed by many top leaders: Wisdom, Love and Imagination.

Our Solution - "Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters" Model / Framework

The term “Pioneering Leadership” sounds as if it is something that exists, that is already defined as a fact. The truth is that there is no authoritative definition, no commonly understood principles, no source of reference that stands above all others. Generally speaking, people make their own assumptions about what it is by combining the definitions of the two words, pioneering and leadership. People seem to refer to pioneering leaders more than they do pioneering leadership, as if pioneering leaders are a particular type of person and pioneering leadership is what they do. Our model removes ambiguity and gets the best results

Why You Should Use Us To Help You Embrace Pioneering Leadership

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Our Unique Pioneering Leadership Framework / Model

Outcome Driven Approach

We never loose sight of the fact that the only reason to embrace pioneering leadership is to get the outcomes you want.

Responsive To Your Needs

If we are not delivering what you want tell us, because our desire is to serve you with the solutions you want, when you want them.

Powerful Solutions @ Leading Edge

We are continually, changing, adapting, improving, pushing back the limits because the world doesn't stand still.

Helping individuals to use pioneering leadership to achieve better lives and careers.
Helping sport people to use pioneering leadership to solve problems and achieve increased performance.
Helping businesses to use Pioneering Leadership to increase success and gain competitive advantage.
Helping World Leaders, Country Leaders and all Politicians to tackle the major problems of our age and to create a better future for everyone.
Helping leaders of all non business organisations to use pioneering leadership to achieve more and better things.
We are all connected. Pioneering Leadership can help us to create a better future and make the world a better place for everyone.

We Always Try to Make a Difference

We can help you to create a better future for yourself, others and the wider world.
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