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    "We are leaders in Pioneering Leadership Training and Support and help people / organisations to learn, understand and embrace the immense potential of pioneering leadership, to create a better future for themselves and others; resulting in better lives, better careers, better businesses and organisations and a better world". - Jonathan Blain

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"Never before in human history, has there been a greater need for new ideas, new thinking and new solutions that can create a better future for you, your family, your community, your country, others, your business or organisation if you are involved with any, in fact for the whole of humanity, the whole world and everything within it. Pioneering Leadership is Vital for A Better Future". Jonathan Blain

We all live in a world of continual change, where change is the norm, not the exception, yet for the most part we human beings act almost like a herd, sticking together and changing together. It is not like synchronised swimming in that we make our moves in unison, or that we make exactly the same moves, but there are usually distinct similarities between what we do and what large numbers of other people do. Most of us respond to changes in the world, rather than being initiators of them. It doesn’t have to be big things, or even changes in the whole world, it can simply be changes in our own little worlds.

Pioneering Leadership is about how to create a better future by being at the leading edge of progress, human endeavour and enterprise, positioning yourself beyond current best practice and the mainstream. It is about being first, new different and better. You could use it to create a better future for yourself, for others, for businesses and organisations, for communities, countries, for the whole of humanity and all life on earth and everything in the world. You could use it to create a better life, a better career, a better business or organisation or a better world.

Traditionally Pioneering Leadership has been something that has been practiced by a small number of people who are natural pioneering leaders and game changers. Pioneering Leadership has predominately been related to who you are, rather than to a process and system that you follow.

My name is Jonathan Blain, I am a natural pioneering leader and classified as an extreme game changer on the academically based GC-Index assessment tool. During my career, I have successfully done many things that require skills that aren't natural skills for me. That realisation led me to discover how people who weren't natural pioneers could use it to achieve game changing results. I now share that knowledge and also support people and organisations to embrace pioneering leadership as a strategy in their personal or organisation toolkit to use where it can deliver the greatest benefits. 

I am the founder of the Pioneering Leadership Academy, Author of the book Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters, and creator of the Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters Framework, which helps everyone including people who aren’t natural pioneering leaders and game changers to use Pioneering Leadership as a philosophy and strategy.

The Mission of the Pioneering Leadership Academy is to be the World's Number One Authority and Centre of Excellence on Pioneering Leadership, providing a definitive and useful framework, "The Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters Model / Framework" and information, knowledge, advice, training, consultancy, seminars and keynote speakers on Pioneering Leadership delivering messages that are Powerful+ Clear + Simple + Effective that makes the Biggest Difference to You, and gives You the greatest opportunity to achieve the outcomes you desire: Better Lives, Better Careers, Better Businesses and Organisations and a Better World. Our overall mission is to Create a Better Future for you, others and the wider world.

Don’t doubt your ability to be a pioneering leader. If you have the courage to dare to be first, new, different and better you can:

  1. Make the seemingly impossible possible.

  2. Solve difficult problems in unique ways.

  3. Create and exploit exciting opportunities.

  4. Compete against tough competition and win.

  5. Achieve extraordinary things.

  6. Drive Progress and Move the Human Race Forwards.

Don’t seek to fit it, but have the courage to stand out.